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Business plan: cleaning services "Spotless"


Verslo planas anglų kalba. The company. The Product(s). What we are selling? Unique characteristics. Stage in development. Distinguishing features from competition. The market. Target market: domestic or export market. Size of the market. Realistic estimate of market share. Financial information. Expected turnover, profit and growth financing. Requirements. Promoters and other information. Company and management team. Company background. Date of incorporation. Production/selling location. Directors/Management team. Recruitment required to fill gaps. Highlight the ability of individuals to work as a team equity. Capital requirement. Capital structure. Company’s operations. Markets (export or domestic). Manufacturer, distributor or service company. Marketing customers. Current and projected employment levels. Cleaning services. The service. RAW materials. Service. Plant and equipment necessary labour. Industrial Relations situation. Industrial relations situation. Industrial Relations in Ireland. Industrial Relations in EU. Wastage levels. Technical difficulties. Seasonality. Premises. Future Research and Development. Service improvements. Other issues. Mission statement. Learning curve effects. Quality control. Marketing and marketing strategy. Market size. Market trends. Service in the Market. Market consumers. Market segments. Competition. Marketing strategy. Pricing policy. Sales and distribution. Sales. Terms of Sales. Distribution channels. Financing. Requirements for stat UP. future capital requirements.


The "Spotless" Ltd. was incorporated on the 20th January 2008 in Athlone, Co. Westmeath. the name has been checked and verified by the companies Registration.
Management team is made from three persons. Chairman/Managing director is Aukse
Rasimaite. Financial manager is Gintare Simanauskaite. Irma Gylyte is responsible for Marketing department.

1.2 The Product(s)
1.2.1 What we are selling?
"Spotless" Ltd. offers cleaning services. Our cleaners are cleaning houses, flats, offices, after builders work. Cleaners can clean windows in high buildings as well. We are trying to make easiest life for people and to save their time.

1.2.2 Unique characteristics
Our company can suggest long term cleaning contract. Also we are aiming discounts for our permanent customers. Every client is individual so we are trying to satisfy people as much as we can.

1.2.3 Stage in development
Business development includes a number of techniques designed to create and grow an economic enterprise. Such techniques include, but are not limited to, concept and brand development, assessments of marketing opportunities and target markets, intelligence gathering on customers and competitors, generating leads for possible sales, follow up sales activity, formal proposal writing and business model design. Business development involves evaluating a business and then realizing its full potential, using such tools as marketing, sales, information management and customer service. For a sound company able to withstand competitors, business development never stops but is an ongoing process.
Our company trying to improve in expanding, enlarging or refining. It is hard to do, because we have a lot of competitive companies so every time we must be quicker, smarter and of course better. ...

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